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9.000.000 METERS/YEAR OF

İpekiş’s new production facility is located in Bursa Demirtas Organized Industrial Zone and is an integrated facility with an annual fabric production capacity of 9,000,000 meters, where all processes of yarn bending, warping, weaving, dyeing and finishing take place in a closed area of 25,000 m2.

Our factory has been designed by expert engineers with the understanding of maximum efficiency, respect for human and nature, by making use of all the possibilities of today’s technology. 

İpekiş is one of the exemplary factories that stand out with its meticulousness in raw material selection, the use of the most advanced machines with superior technology in production, application of the business model of “customer-specific designs, mass-boutique production, fast service” and the ability to meet market needs.



Polyviscose fabrics are produced by blending polyester and viscose fibers. Excellent quality is obtained by combining the brightness and strength properties of the polyester fiber and the silky touch and slippery properties of the viscose fiber, which together make up the polyviscose fabric. For this reason, it has a flashy structure.

Since polyester yarn has a smooth surface, it adds brightness to the fabric. At the same time, the desired softness in the touch can be obtained thanks to the silky viscose fiber. Polyviscose fabrics offer comfort to the user as they are resistant to wrinkles. Depending on the weight of the fabric, polyviscose fabrics can be preferred both in summer and winter. It provides convenience in terms of maintenance as it is machine washable.

Due to the high strength of polyester fibers, they can be used for a long time. For this reason, the deformability of polyviscose fabrics is low. Thanks to the properties of polyester and viscose fibers, it provides convenience in the production and diverse designs of polyviscose fabrics. Polyviscose fabrics can be preferred in many products due to the convenience it offers to the user.



Wool, which is a product of nature and science, has a soft, fine and silky structure with the features it contains. Pure wool provides the comfort you are looking for. It is a living and breathing fiber that moves in accordance with our body movements with the natural flexibility of wool.

Wool, that keeps you warm when the weather is cold, provides insulation for the wearer when worn in hot weather and keeps you cool with its breathable properties. Wool, which is a chemically mixed fiber, provides comfort to the wearer with its moisture absorption feature and acts as a buffer to prevent it from being affected by changing temperatures. The human body’s own protection mechanism consists of protein. The same feature is also found in wool, so it works in full harmony with our body. Another feature is that it is naturally anti-static.

Thanks to its softness and fluidity, wool has an excellent drape and style that meets aesthetic expectations. As the wool fiber is spring-shaped and flexible, it is easy for the fabric to return to its original shape in case of wrinkling, extending the life of the product and allowing the product to maintain its form. Over the years, Merino Wool has naturally developed UV protection that is not found in many fibers. If your woolen garments are hung on a normal hanger in a well ventilated and slightly humid environment, the garment will regain its original appearance.


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